Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beijing Hutongs - Part 2.

Above: I went scouting a hutong area near TianAnMen Square. This man lives there, he has old Beijing lifestyle. Photo gallery below.

Old Beijing Hutongs Facing Torn Down
PICTORIAL - Beijingers Cherish The Hutong Culture

I joined a group of beijingers who want to record old hutong culture. Sunday 16th December our small group went scouting again.

We met at southern part of TianAnMen Square near QianMen Gate and JianLou Arrow Tower which goes back 600 years as Front Gate to Forbidden City.

We walked into hutong area nearby. Many buildings there had two, even three floors, they were probably from Qing Dynasty era, the last dynasty. Part of this hutong area was already smashed down.

Hutong names often have a story which means they are not simple to translate. These hutongs looked active in this area:

Da Qi Jia HuTong, Wang Pi HuTong
Cai Jia HuTong, Shi Jia HuTong
Zhang Shan HuTong, Yun Ju HuTong
Gan Jing HuTong

Left: Hutong Group badge

Weather was sunny, not cold. During four hours I took pictures on hutong roof tops and of streets, doors, corridors, inner yards, smashed structures, hutong cats and people. I got over 200 pictures. Good times.

BeijingMan aka Kippo

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Pictures in this post are all taken on Sunday, December 16th 2007 in Beijing, just beside TianAnMen Square. I used Canon 20D with EF-S 10-22mm and 70-200mm F2.8 IS zoom. Click to enlarge.

Above-1: Beijing Hutongs - Rooftop view.
Lost in a hutong. Wanted to be!

Above-2: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-3: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-4: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-5: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-6: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-7: Beijing Hutongs - 3 floors.

Above-8: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-9: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-10: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-11: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-12: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-13: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-14: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-15: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-16: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-17: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-18: Beijing Hutongs - Pigeon holes.

Above-19: Beijing Hutongs - Restaurants.

Above-20: Beijing Hutongs - Hotline to home.

Above-21: Beijing Hutongs - Backstreet.

Above-22: Beijing Hutongs - Games.
Red text is an advertisement: Carving Service inside.

Above-23: Beijing Hutongs - Electricity meters.

Above-24: Beijing Hutongs - Extension room inside courtyard.

Above-25: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-26: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-27: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-28: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-29: Beijing Hutongs - Coal for cooking and heating.

Above-30: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-31: Beijing Hutongs - Probably a toilet (curved wall).

Above-32: Beijing Hutongs - Inside a hutong is silent.

Above-33: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-34: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-35: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-36: Beijing Hutongs.
Notice is about coal usage for heating, risks and how to avoid.
Pink box is for Beijing Youth Daily - Beijing QingNianBao.

Above-37: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-38: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-39: Beijing Hutongs.
Many doors have carved side stones. Metal on doors for kick-opening.

Above-40: Beijing Hutongs.
Zhang Shan Hu Tong is a narrow road through, like most hutongs in this area.

Above-41: Beijing Hutongs - Rooftop view.
- Hmmm, local Beatles could make a play here...

Above-42: Beijing Hutongs - Rooftop view.

Above-43: Beijing Hutongs - Rooftop view.

Above-44: Beijing Hutongs - Rooftop view.

Above-45: Beijing Hutongs.

Above-46: Beijing Hutongs - Hotel.

Above-47: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.
Headless and legless plastic torsos. Former clothes shop?

Above-48: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-49: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-50: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-51: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-52: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.
Big brick in the middle is from original Beijing City Wall, ChengQiang which was torn down 50-60 years ago. Brick had marking of old maker. Much of Beijing City Wall became building material for hutongs. City Wall used to go round on today's Ring-2 position.

Above-53: Beijing Hutongs - Structure.

Above-54: Beijing Hutongs - Structure. Wooden frame and bricks.

Above-55: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-56: Beijing Hutongs - Torn down.

Above-57: Beijing Hutongs - Cats.

Above-58: Beijing Hutongs - Cats. Strong, no hesitation.

Above-59: Beijing Hutongs - Cats.

Above-60: Beijing Hutongs - Cats.

Above-61: Beijing Hutongs - Cats.

Above-62: Beijing Hutongs - time is up.

Above-63: Beijing Hutongs - Hutong men at main road.

Above-64: Over there, another hutong area.

Old Beijing Hutongs - The Hutong Culture
+ Interesting views into old Beijing way of life
+ Some hutongs are big, fun to get lost

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