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Afternoon in Beijing Zoo

Above: A dangerous roaring Bengal Tiger! No, he is just yawning in Beijing Zoo. Photo gallery below.

Afternoon in Beijing Zoo
PICTORIAL - Photo Safari at Beijing DongWu Yuan

Beijing Zoo has published their vision: Beijing Zoo will become paradise which links men and animals together. So next just to make strategy and plan to get there.

Beijing Zoo was opened in 1908. This was the third time I bought a ticket: 1992, 2000 and now 2007. Every time there has been a lot to walk and see. My two hours were not at all enough. (NOTE: visited Oct. 2009 the 4th time and added a few pictures below)

Every year Beijing Zoo has some 7M visitors. I saw mainly Chinese tourists from other provinces, groups of local students and a few foreigners. Zoo ticket price was 20RMB. I hope that some of the money is used to improve animal conditions and treatment, and cleaning the glass walls for the sake of all camera people, 99% of visitors. More below.

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Pictures in this post are all taken on October 25th, 2007 at Beijing Zoo. I used Canon 20D with EF-S 10-22mm and EF 70-200 IS F2.8 lenses, no flash. Click to enlarge.

Above-1: Beijing Zoo. Main gate.
Founded 1906, opened 1908. 90 hectares, 5000 animals of 500 species.

Above-2: Beijing Zoo.
Everybody want to see Pandas!

Above-3: Beijing Zoo.
Concrete rainbows towards Panda House.

Above-4: Beijing Zoo.
Giant Panda - Da XiongMao. Only 1600 pandas in wild.

Above-5: Beijing Zoo.
Giant Panda - Da XiongMao.
Famous NiuNiu? But maybe not the famous GuGu who recently bite a man who tried hugging, GuGu is smaller? (UPDATE: Jan-2009 GuGu had again a man coming into his area and he bite man's both legs)
Pandas are usually named with funny names. In Hong Kong Zoo top pandas are YingYing and LeLe. Recently mainland offered two pandas, TuanTuan and YuanYuan, to Taiwan, and pandas flew over there. Japan has a giant panda LingLing in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo.

Above-6: Beijing Zoo.
I saw only two real pandas, and tens of business pandas.

Above-7: Beijing Zoo.
Beijing autumn.

Above-8: Beijing Zoo.
Bengal Tiger - BaiHu. Not small, slim, beauty.

Above-9: Beijing Zoo.
Bengal Tiger - BaiHu.

Above-10: Beijing Zoo.
Bengal Tiger - BaiHu. I saw only this one BaiHu.

Above-11: Beijing Zoo.
Bengal Tiger - BaiHu watchers.

Above-12: Beijing Zoo.
Northeast China Tiger - DongBeiHu.

Above-13: Beijing Zoo.
Northeast China Tiger - DongBeiHu.

Above-14: Beijing Zoo.
Lion - Shi. Afternoon, the King was sleepy.

Above-15: Beijing Zoo.

Above-16: Beijing Zoo.
Stone elephants.

Above-17: Beijing Zoo.
Real African Elephant - FeiZhouXiang.

Above-18: Beijing Zoo.
African Elephant - FeiZhouXiang.

Above-19: Beijing Zoo.
African Elephant - FeiZhouXiang.

Above-20: Beijing Zoo.

Above-21: Beijing Zoo.

Above-22: Beijing Zoo.

Above-23: Beijing Zoo.
Wolf - Lang.

Above-24: Beijing Zoo.
Wolf - Lang.

Above-25: Beijing Zoo.
Homo Sapiens.

Above-26: Beijing Zoo.
Brown Bear - DongBeiZongXiong. Not small.

Above-27: Beijing Zoo.
Brown Bear - DongBeiZongXiong.

Above-28: Beijing Zoo.
Brown Bear - DongBeiZongXiong.

Above-29: Beijing Zoo.
Brown Bear - DongBeiZongXiong.
I saw a Chinese visitor pouring a Coke onto this bear. Some other visitors threw cans at bears. Commonly, animals were not respected by visitors. Beijing Zoo has rules and ISO9000 and ISO14001 quality system certificates (since 2001) but they didn't prevent stupid behavior. I witnessed things which cut away much of the fun of visiting the Zoo.

Above-30: Beijing Zoo.
Homo Sapiens. Not related to previous picture.

Above-31: Beijing Zoo.
Asiatic Black Bear - HeiXiong.

Above-32: Beijing Zoo.
Asiatic Black Bear - HeiXiong.

Above-33: Beijing Zoo.

Above-34: Beijing Zoo.
Head movements were rapid, by good luck I got this picture.

Above-35: Beijing Zoo.
Pictorial but not a painting.

Above-36: Beijing Zoo.
Black-backed Jackal - HeiBeiHuLang.

Above-37: Beijing Zoo.
Fox - YinHu.

Above-38: Beijing Zoo.
Corsac Fox - ShaHu.

Above-39: Beijing Zoo. EF 70-200 IS F2.8 lens in use.

Above-40: Beijing Zoo.

Above-41: Beijing Zoo.

Above-42: Beijing Zoo.
Viewing glass walls were mainly dirty, disturbing many visitors who wanted to take videos or photos.

Above-43: Beijing Zoo.

Above-44: Beijing Zoo.

Above-45: Beijing Zoo.
Here, I changed iPod's music selection to Debussy (from House music).

Above-46: Beijing Zoo.
Beijing Zoo is not small. These two rest now. Yes, two.

Above-47: Beijing Zoo.

Above-48: Beijing Zoo.

Above-49: Beijing Zoo.

Above-50: Beijing Zoo.

Above-51: Beijing Zoo.

Above-52: Beijing Zoo.

Above-53: Beijing Zoo.

Above-54: Beijing Zoo.

Above-55: Beijing Zoo.

Above-56: Beijing Zoo.
Not small, maybe 3 meters.

Above-57: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.

Above-58: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.
Zebra - BanMa.

Above-59: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.

Above-60: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.
Indian Rhinoceros - XinDuXi.

Above-61: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.
Camel - JiaXuLuoTou.

Above-62: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.
African Elephant - FeiZhouXiang.

Above-63: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.

Above-64: Beijing Zoo.
Group of friendly Tibetan visitors from QingHai Province. QingHai is one of China's smallest province by population, 5,2M inhabitants but has 44 ethnic groups. QingHai's capital city is Xining, 1M inhabitants.

Above-65: Beijing Zoo.
Senior Tibetan visitor from QingHai Province (also in previous picture).

Above-66: Beijing Zoo.
Olympic Games 2008 countdown clock inside the Zoo.
288 days 8 hours and 57 seconds - it's 25th October 2007.

Above-67: Beijing Zoo.

Above-68: Beijing Zoo map. Click to enlarge.

Above-69: Beijing Zoo. Rules. Click to enlarge.

Above-70: Beijing Zoo. October 2009.

Beijing Zoo - Beijing DongWu Yuan
+ Beijing Zoo at western Ring-2 is a big park
+ Animals have space and their conditions honestly didn't look too bad
+ Most visitors are Chinese from other provinces, added excitement
- Many visitors take video and pictures but glass walls were dirty
- Some Chinese visitors didn't show any respect on animals: bears
- A foreigner-me was asked triple price for an ice cream

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