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1. China Business Articles

Guanxi and doing business
in mainland China

with 40 pictures of
Xi'an and Terracotta Army

What urban Chinese
think of foreigners

with 45 pictures of
Beijing Financial Street

What urban Chinese
think of themselves

with 50 pictures of
Speed Train trip to Jinan

DiaoYuTai State Guesthouse
and Chinese meetings

with 45 pictures of
Customer/Partner meetings

Business culture Gap
with mainland China

with 70 pictures of
BeiHai Park in Beijing

SMS market-making and
creativity in China

with 60 pictures of
Nokia SMS Project in China

SMEs and business
in mainland China

with 50 pictures of
WaiTan Bund in Shanghai

Indirect Communication
- Fun or frustration

with 40 pictures of
DiYiCheng Culture Park

Building Chinese MoQi
- Productivity can be fun

with 40 pictures of
TanZhe Temple

Market Meets Revolution
- China business survivors

with 45 pictures of Hiking
in Madonna di Campiglio


2. Beijing Pictorials

Pictorial 23.
Tank Museum China

Tanks and Mao's spade
and uniforms in Beijing
120 pics

Pictorial 22.
China Aviation Museum

Wings, engines, guns and
radars rest in Beijing
88 pics

Pictorial 21.
China Railway Museum

A steamy locomotive
experience in Beijing
75 pics


Pictorial 20.
TianShouYuan Cemetery

Timeless way of respect
- a Beijing cemetery
70 pics

Pictorial 19.
Lu Xun Museum in Beijing

The man who believed
China could do better
50 pics

Pictorial 18.
ZhongShan Park in Beijing

It's imperial park and
it's revolutionary
70 pics

Pictorial 17.
JingShan Park in Beijing

Busy golden week
in Beijing park
40 pics

Pictorial 16.
Beijing CCTV Tower Rising

A Content Brewery
called DaKuCha
70 pics (2007 - 2010)

Pictorial 15.
Around the Beijing Egg

New Opera House, National
Grand Theatre of China
60 pics

Pictorial 14.
LiuLiChang Antiques Street

'Heavenly Clouds' and
other Beijing shops
40 pics

Pictorial 13.
Beijing Real Estate

Rooftop views and
Beijing buildings
88 pics


Pictorial 12.
Beijing Hutongs 3/3

Hot houses and
Peking Opera stars
75 pics

Pictorial 11.
Beijing Hutongs 2/3

Scouting the hutong
rooftops and courtyards
65 pics

Pictorial 10.
Beijing Hutongs 1/3

Beijingers cherish
the hutong culture
65 pics


Pictorial 9.
Beijing Ancient Observatory

Dragons and dreams in
the heart of megacity
40 pics

Pictorial 8.
Across TianAnMen

Buildings and statues
at Beijing TianAnMen
40 pics

Pictorial 7.
Faces at TianAnMen

Two afternoons with
visitors and quests
110 pics

Pictorial 6.
Afternoon in Beijing Zoo

Pandas, Bears, Tigers
and some Homo Sapiens
70 pics

Pictorial 5.
Beijing Botanical Garden

Certificates and
garden racing
40 pics

Pictorial 4.
Chinese Spring Festival

Dog Year Gala 2006
was the SMS Gala
30 pics

Pictorial 3.
LaiTai Flower Narket

High quality flower
market in Beijing
50 pics

Pictorial 2.
Moscow Restaurant Rocks

Beijing birthday party
with vodka and cake
20 pics

Pictorial 1.
China Millennium Monument

A Beijing arena for TV
shows and exhibitions
20 pics


3. BeijingMan Blog Info
January 2006 - January 2016

- 10 China Business Articles
- 23 Beijing Pictorials posts
- BeijingMan Backgrounder post
- List of BeijingMan Postings (this page)
TOTAL: 35 posts with 1200 pictures from Beijing.

BeijingMan Backgrounder
Brief History of
the BeijingMan
90 pics (June 2016)


4. References to BeijingMan Blog
FEEDBACK: beijingman(at)icloud.com

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